The Story

In order to provide the world with solutions that could make it better for everyone, Dr. Leucaman performed different experiments and inventions that could help in all aspects of our lives.


One day he had a vision, something that could motivate people to be better, that could teach them a better way, a symbol they could follow; then began to develop studies, formulas, until achieving a great investigation that culminated in the final experiment. The creation of a being, a character that could guide us to be better every day. Then was born LEUS, a being in which together the greatest human virtues, values ​​and knowledge that would make it the solution that Dr. Leucaman sought.


But the unexpected happened ...


At the time of the gestation of the experiment, it was divided in two. When LEUS was born, another little one came with him.


By bringing all these positive properties into one being, the negatives would necessarily have to be discarded; but instead of being suppressed, they joined and formed the other small that I call CUCAMAN.


Now they live and share adventures, work and make their own to give the balance that the world needs.

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